Through our patents, our technology, our business partners, the choice of materials and as a result our products, we guarantee continuous innovation in the field of wooden doors and windows.

This catalogue comes to support producers of wooden windows and doors and carpenters in the production of the front door.

We offer the door ready to work with design, size and thickness required.

We produce three product lines, each of which with specific characteristics.

The benefits of using our doors are:

  • product built on your measurements, drawings and specifications;
  • thermal transmittance value certificated and consequent energy saving;
  • stability over time;
  • lightness of the product to be processed and put down;
  • noise abatement;
  • rapid time for the production:
  • all of its components are environmentally friendly.


Every of our external door is equipped with four seals: one for AIR / WATER tightness placed on the perimeter of the frame, three THERMAL / ACOUSTIC inserted respectively on the perimeter of the frame, on the central node of the leaf, on the perimeter of the door.
This guarantees the highest quality standards as required by EN-UNI in terms of: Water tightness: 6A, Permeability: 4, Wind resistance: C3, Sound insulation: up to 41 DB, Impact resistance to soft and heavy body: 5, Bearing capacity of safety devices: Compliant, Class of burglary: up to 3.

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EXCHANGERIt is a patented system of controlled ventilation balanced flow with heat recovery through the heat exchanger housed in the frame of the door and window frame.
The outer air is sucked and canalised into the heat exchanger which is heated by the hot stale air while it is expelled from inside of the house.


  • Significant energy savings compared to the traditional way of ventilation.
  • Prevents the formation of mold in homes with high energy savings.
  • Capacity of 20 mc / h - very low noise and consumption of only 4 W.
  • Prevent Dust and pollen filter for incoming air and grid anti insect.


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